Planting a sustainable seed

The movement

The project ‘Planting a sustainable seed’ aims to stimulate children to become aware of themselves in nature and develop a sense of oneness with nature. Young children between the ages of 0-6 are in the best period of their lives to implement new patterns regarding healthy eating and conscious living (learning young is doing old). In addition, by appealing to intrinsic motivation at an early age, the sense of nature is nurtured and the sense of sustainability comes from within. This is necessary, because we all have to make conscious choices and take care of the world: for ourselves and for future generations.

Definition of sustainability:
‘Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’.

KDV Zonnelicht

And that is why KDV Zonnelicht wants to plant a sustainable seed; to start a movement concerning sustainable thinking and instil a sense of nature in young children. Activities are offered to connect and care for nature, like taking care of the plants in the vegetable garden. It is the feeling that needs to be fed, so that from an early age children make conscious choices to take good care of the environment and nature.

Child & Nature

It is essential to allow children to develop a deep and close relationship with nature from an early age. If children and young people have early experiences of nature that are joyful and loving, their love of nature will inspire them to protect and nurture the environment throughout their lives, working together so that people and nature are in balance.
Various studies have come up with remarkable conclusions:

  • Experiencing nature in children helps prevent anxiety and depression.
  • Children who are in contact with nature exercise more and are less likely to be obese.
  • Being in contact with nature promotes creativity and language development and contributes to motor development.
  • Children in contact with nature develop independent thinking, feeling and behaviour.
  • In the long run, children who grow up with greenery show less aggressive behaviour, are healthier and show more social responsibility.

The sustainable seed offers:

For children (at the Sustainable BSO location)

  • In the kitchen garden you learn how plants grow and you can harvest them yourself.
  • In the healthy kitchen, we use fruit and vegetables from the kitchen garden.
  • Designing sustainable solutions in the children’s workshop.
  • Discovery learning in the knowledge centre on energy (transition) & climate.

For parents

  • Training and consultations to inspire parents to think creatively about the social tasks for the children of today and the future.
  • Inspiring speakers sharing their knowledge and experience.
  • Parents’ evenings for exchanging views on sustainable parenting.

For teachers

  • Workshops and conferences for teachers and management who want to create an educational partnership in connection with the development of curricula, processes and structures. With a view to renewing and improving upbringing and education in order for children to develop stability and life wisdom.
  • The offer is designed for young people working with children aged 0-18 to take leadership in the co-creation of long-term mutual cooperation.

For organisations & individuals

  • A platform to address sustainability issues and be given space to present them to interested parties
    (e.g. WWF).

We are full of plans and ideas! Do you also think in possibilities?

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